Now open and ready to serve you–on Main Street in Speedway, IN!

Community begins with coffee.

Our hometown of Speedway, Indiana is a growing and diverse community that loves coffee, but sadly there are a limited number of coffee experiences for locals.

Our mission is to create a place of community and belonging that serves excellent coffee to millennial transplants and life-long residents of Speedway alike.

There is truly no better place to build relationships than sitting across from each other enjoying the richness of coffee and togetherness!


Passion for People

Serving with consistency, integrity and excellence is a responsibility. We do it by providing a great product and experience.

Passion for Service

Serving our customers and our local community is a privilege. We do it with gratitude and a smile.

Passion for Community

Serving for the benefit of the community is our calling. We give back to our local community and support our employees and partners.

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Connecting the Speedway family.

Many life-long Speedway residents prefer a traditional drip or functional coffee.  Millennials are coming to Speedway for its small-town feel and the leisure lifestyle offered by fabulous eateries and pubs, great trails and parks, and convenient shopping.

We want to offer high-quality roasts, as well as gourmet coffee options, to satisfy everyone’s tastes and preferences.

Now Open!

What we're creating with The Spark.

The Spark will be a place to savor good coffee and good community.  A place of comfort and joy.  A place to rest and experience peace.

The Spark ignites community.  Our desire for the Spark is to see it as a tool to foster and invest in community, whether that be building one-on-one relationships or investing our profits to benefit the community on a more macro scale.

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Bee Coffee and Circadian Coffee - The Spark Partners

We Love our Local Partners

We are so excited to be partnering with Bee Coffee Roasters and Circadian Coffee. 

Get to know Bee Coffee: Here at Bee we love coffee.  We believe in sourcing good coffee from good people for good people. Here we love our community and look forward to serving it. Locally made for everyone.

Get to know Circadian Coffee: Circadian Coffee is a minority woman-owned small-batch roasting company located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Circadian was founded in 2016 with the goal of bringing approachable specialty coffee to the Midwest and beyond.

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What we're up to.

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Hey, Neighbor!

Hey, Neighbor!  Hello and Happy New Year! We’re so excited for all the things to come this year,

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