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Hey, Neighbor!

There’s a million different ways to enjoy a cup of coffee, right? Black and strong enough to chew, extra cream and sugar, and everything in between. That’s why we wanted to partner with local roasters who offer high quality, versatile coffee that every Speedway coffee drinker will enjoy! 

After meeting with lots of talented Indianapolis roasters, we’ve chosen to partner with our neighbors at Bee Coffee Roasters and Circadian Coffee!  We love these roasters because their coffee is incredible and our values align: sourcing beans responsibly, roasting locally with integrity, and prioritizing serving people in our community.  Get to know Bee and Circadian a little more below…

✨ Bee Coffee: Here at Bee we love coffee.  We believe in sourcing good coffee from good people for good people. Here we love our community and look forward to serving it. Locally made for everyone.

✨ Circadian Coffee: Circadian Coffee is a minority woman-owned small-batch roasting company located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Circadian was founded in 2016 with the goal of bringing approachable specialty coffee to the Midwest and beyond.

How do you take your coffee? Send us a message through our website or hop on social media and tell us! 


Your friends at The Spark ✨ 

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