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Meet The Roasters

Hey, Neighbor! There’s a million different ways to enjoy a cup of coffee, right? Black and strong enough to chew, extra cream and sugar, and everything in between. That’s why we wanted to partner with local roasters who offer high quality, versatile coffee that every Speedway coffee drinker will enjoy!  After meeting with lots of talented Indianapolis roasters, we’ve chosen

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Why “The Spark”?

Hey, Neighbor!  You might be wondering…. why “The Spark”? There are actually a lot of inspirations, beyond the obvious, that led us to choose this name for Speedway’s first local coffee shop!  ✨ The Sparkplugs (we’ll start with the obvious!) – We’re a racing town! Cars are in our blood and are all over town, no matter where you look.

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Hey, Neighbor!

Hey, Neighbor!  Hello and Happy New Year! We’re so excited for all the things to come this year, but we are extra excited to let you in on a little something we’ve been working on – Speedway’s first local coffee shop!  After dreaming and brainstorming through most of 2020, we’re finally ready to make it official! The Spark will be

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