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Throwdown: Countdown to the Winner’s Circle

We’re only weeks away from race month and we are excited to announce our first Latte Art Throwdown on April 25th, 2024. This head-to-head competition will feature some of the area’s best baristas from regional and local coffee shops, using their artistic skill to battle against one another in a bracket-style tournament. Prizes will be given to our top finishers. 

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Why “The Spark”?

Hey, Neighbor!  You might be wondering…. why “The Spark”? There are actually a lot of inspirations, beyond the obvious, that led us to choose this name for Speedway’s first local coffee shop!  ✨ The Sparkplugs (we’ll start with the obvious!) – We’re a racing town! Cars are in our blood and are all over town, no matter where you look.

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Hey, Neighbor!

Hey, Neighbor!  Hello and Happy New Year! We’re so excited for all the things to come this year, but we are extra excited to let you in on a little something we’ve been working on – Speedway’s first local coffee shop!  After dreaming and brainstorming through most of 2020, we’re finally ready to make it official! The Spark will be

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