Why “The Spark”?

Hey, Neighbor! 

You might be wondering…. why “The Spark”? There are actually a lot of inspirations, beyond the obvious, that led us to choose this name for Speedway’s first local coffee shop! 

The Sparkplugs (we’ll start with the obvious!) – We’re a racing town! Cars are in our blood and are all over town, no matter where you look. We wanted to honor our racing culture, and our high school mascot, with a nod to the spark plug. 

Caffeine – We all need a little “spark” of caffeine to help get our days jumpstarted! And maybe a little extra in the afternoon, if we’re being honest!  With high quality coffee that meets the needs of the classic black coffee drinker and the Instagram-ready latte, The Spark is ready to meet all your caffeine cravings! And don’t worry, all you decaf fans. We’ll have decaf drip AND espresso available for you! 

Spark Community – It’s our mission to be the “spark” of change in our community here in Speedway! We want to spark joy, spark kindness, spark relationships… and that’s just the beginning! Through our time and resources, including donating funds back to our community, we hope to be involved in unprecedented ways with our town! 

Have any ideas of more ways that we can be a spark in Speedway’s community? Send us a message through our website or hop on social media! We can’t wait to hear from you! 


Your friends at The Spark ✨

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